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HKS 02-06 RSX Type-S Hi-Power Cat-Back Exhaust Reviews

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.89/5.00 Stars out of 37 Reviews
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Hks exhaust
Gabriel | August 7th, 2020
Was happy with product easy installation and it wasn’t to loud awesome purchase
Really nice especially for the price
Brandon | June 26th, 2020
I paired mine up with the skunk 2 alpha header and I can’t get enough of it.
Well worth the money
Gabriel | March 13th, 2020
4.8 out of 5 stars. A little too loud for my taste. My RSX is naturally aspirated and you can hear me coming blocks away. Once I install my turbo charger it should quiet out more. But fits great looks great amd overall sound is nice
Eric Byrd | June 29th, 2019
The hks is a very nice exhaust I love the powder coating and piping. The only bad thing is... it sounds like a stock with a axle back. It is not loud just deep. If you want loud better look at something else. Also the 4 inch tip looks decent but a 3 inch would match the car so much better.
great product
Dylan | April 17th, 2017
finally my car has a voice, great sound at high rpm and a great rumble while cruising, not too loud so no getting pulled over by cops and it looks great, no fitment issues and no bumper melting like other people say👍🏻
Best Product for your RSX type s
Lucas Bucina | June 27th, 2016
Quick and easy shipping that saved me over 70$ compared to any other website. Fitting was perfect and the look of the finished product is bada**. Does not even sound like the car only has 2.0L 4 banger under the hood. Highly recommend this product
Love the Sound
Michael Morocho | February 10th, 2016
Shipping is amazing. Been having this exhaust for about a year and I would say i will not change unless I'm trying to go louder. [: Doesn't sound like a fart can ^.^
Very nice exhaust system
John Lo | December 3rd, 2015
Shipping was fast, price is actually the lowest I've seen so far. Overall great exhaust wasn't too loud, very nice deep quiet tone. Performance gain was really noticible.
HKS Hi Power Exhaust
Ramon Monroy | July 3rd, 2015
Super fast shipping. Well packaged. Installation was easy. Exhaust has a nice deep tone not too loud unless you step on it, even then I think it's still pretty quiet. It looks great too at the angle it sits.
Great exhaust
Richard Boyce | April 14th, 2014
Shipping was pretty fast, like others on here the hardest part was removing the stock bolts from the exhaust because they were so rusted , it sounds awesome deep tone and surprisingly isnt as loud as I thought it would be. overall great buy and upgrade from stock.
fast and great quality!
Dallas Carlson | April 6th, 2014
Awesome! Super fast shipping, well packaged, and amazing quality. Had alot of trouble installing only because of the old bolts on the cat were completely rusted and corroded. But besides that the exhaust was plug and play. Looks great but is melting my bumber, dont let that stop you from ordering this exhaust, super nice deep tone and a huge difference in power compared to the stock exhaust that i had on. Would highly recommend!
Sweet sounding exhaust
Eric | February 11th, 2014
I have an a spec rear lip on my 2002 Rsx and this exhaust fits perfectly, sits very nice and sounds amazing. There is black soot like nothing else, but that is a flaw of aftermarket exhausts, not hks' catback. This came with all hardware needed for installation except for cat to pipe bolts. Which is fine. Shipping was super fast too. Another great buy from!!!! Thanks!!!!
Awesome sound!
Garrett Beck | December 2nd, 2013
So the exhaust sound awesome. All my friends think it has a nice deep tone not ricey at all but the muffler is actually HUGE. Bigger than you would expect. Also if you care if there is some black suit on your rear bumper then don't get this exhaust because it will be there and you will have to deal with it unless you have a lip. Atleast thats how it is on my 05 type s. Good buy I enjoy it and would recommend. No melting so far either!
Great Exhaust
Kevin | November 17th, 2013
This exhaust fits great, no issues on my 2003 RSX-S. The cat converter flange was much thicker than my old one, was a close fit on the bolts on the stock cat. also the muffler tip is angled towards the passenger side, I wasn't expecting it but it's a good look and fits well. No burning bumper issue for me. Sound is great, not too loud even without the silencer.
connor bobzien | March 6th, 2013
this in addition with the dc race header is amazing.... sounds amazing you can deffentaly feel the diffrence installing is easy as pie
Great quality!
ChrisP | January 10th, 2013
Everything I needed was included for install. Awesome quality and nice smooth sound! Shipping was crazy fast and I was surprised that it arrived so soon!
fun times
corey | October 8th, 2012
i love HKS products period i like the exhaust note the Hi-power has not to ricer sound hahaha will buy again in the future
R.J. Perez | April 17th, 2012
After researching for weeks on what exhuast i wanted for my RSXS i finally purchased the HKS hipower. Silky smooth tone, powerful sound at WOT, mellow when lightly gassed. Perfect fitment and looks badass with its angled tip. The BEST exhaust for the DC5 hands down. HKS FTW!
Murph | April 6th, 2012
Originally ordered the Turbo version but was out of stock, Steve called and I ordered this instead! Great customer service and the wxhuast sounds deep not to loud. Very happy with my decision
Edward I. Ramirez | November 5th, 2011
Very great service! Product is great! sound is the best that I've heard on an Rsx S!
Yeah man
Jay Martn | August 13th, 2011
Just got this and extremely happy. Started out with lightning fast shipping from ClubRSX. Fitment was exactly as described. Perfect fit without mods. Your biggest hassle is removing the old rusted hardware from your stock exhaust. Sick ass sound and killer look. Highly recommended.
Samir Waliany | May 12th, 2011
this exhaust is a 5 but the fact that it burns your bumper i give it a half star off id rather get this if i had to rather then any other exhaust on CRSX because the only other choice would be the greddy evo 2... this exhaust has a nice loud sound when warm and when needed and you can definitely tell when you hit vtech! HKS ALL DAY!
Taras | January 1st, 2011
this exhaust is amazing. Sounds very clean and nice. Deep sound not like them old civics that sound like quads lol. The look is sick also, it tilts to the side to have that sporty look to it. the only bad thing is that it buirns the back bumper because its a little short.
Best Sound Quality Exhaust
DonniDC5 | October 20th, 2010
Very satisfied with this exhaust! The sound is not too deep and not too soft. It is definitely NOT a ricer sound. The only downfall to this exhaust is the BURNING of your back bumper. To prevent the bumper from melting faster, I suggest you put the silencer on, but of course thats optional.
chris | June 19th, 2010
Love the system. Deep sound, nice look, can feel the difference. still waiting on some more mods before i dyno the old girl but im loving it. Paired up with the DCRH. Car feels great, a little more meatier (no homo!)
Great sounding exhaust
Aaron | February 21st, 2010
Fairly easy install once the stock exhaust is off. Great sounding exhaust. Would be better if the piping was bigger though.
Nice Sound!!
Brian | January 14th, 2010
Install was easy and it looks great. Thought it might be a little to big once it was on it looked awesome. Its a nice deep sounds. Its not the usually rice burner sounds that most people have.
Fantastc exhaust
Shado2200 | October 19th, 2009
I was looking for an exhaust for quite some time and the hks hi power was always one of my choices. The design is good and like everyone else says it fits very well. I have not had any bumper issues with this either with my stock hangers. The sound is a deep tone which is good. Pretty quick and easy install. This exhaust does not look stock but at the same time its not a cop magnet no trouble there either its pretty quiet i feel. So i hope this helps anyone thinking about getting one.
Kamil | August 1st, 2009
This exhaust is great.i love it because fits great without any problems,looks very nice and sounds AWESOME.I recommend this exhaust system.
Swissbliss | May 18th, 2009
Super great exhaust system paired with megan RH's , sounds amazing not a loud drone but a very nice modification needed perfect fit!!
Used, but same exhaust.
Jon Reremy | December 23rd, 2008
Got mine yesterday. As soon as I put it on, I went for a 300 mile road test. Sound is good. It is a little quieter than I expected it to be. Sounds clear, bassy, and powerful throughout the RPM range. Installation was a walk in the park. It did get a bit drony at highway speeds at anything above around 3200 RPMs, but I think it hits some kind of antinode at around 3100 or so that makes it nearly as quiet as stock, which is perfect. I think I may notice a very slight power gain at lower RPMs. It just seems like it pulls a bit harder.
super good
carlitos | September 27th, 2008
i bought my car and it had a cheap exhaust from ebay . now i got this one in i felt more power as soon as i step on the gas .
Chris (Blackfire89 | September 16th, 2008
I purchased this exhaust about a month ago, and installed it as soon as I got it. Fits perfect, sound great. I recommend this exhaust system
HKS fits Great
JDM SUVI | June 23rd, 2008
Just finished installing my HKS high power exhaust today. Just want to let everyone know that it fits perfectly on my car. No modifications were needed and the sound it produces is also very nice. Finally I thought I would add I have viz addons and it clears it well without extended hangers leaving no burn marks on my fresh paint. I hope this helps! Great exhaust system :)
HKS HI-Power Exhaust on RSX TYPE S '06
Max | June 11th, 2008
I recently got an HKS HI-POWER EXHAUST SYSTEM on my RSX TYPE S '06 and I can tell you when I drove it out of the shop I was so excited and impressed with the sound, rpm range, and the thrill of a new ride. . .(my car). I recommend if you can't decide on an exhaust system go with the Hi-Power exhaust its the perfect choice.
Easy Install and Sounds Great!
Isaac | May 2nd, 2008
I recently purchased this exhaust system and only took like 20 mins. to install with ease. Sounds superb! Love the sound at high RPM's and especially VTEC. Great exhaust overall for a decent price. Very satisfied with it and everything overall.
Easy install, great sound
Beiry | April 9th, 2008
I love this exhaust for many reasons. Number 1 would be for the ease of installation, all I had with me was a 12, and a 14. 2nd it is loud where it needs to be, no more getting pulled over for inappropriate muffler at idle speeds on the highway. Once V-TEC opens up, it sounds unbelievable. 3rd and most of all, power. As soon as I drove it out, I can tell I had more power and torque. Great buy!