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Wavetrac K-Series Limited Slip Differential
Part Number: 60.309.190WK

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 7 Reviews
Wavetrac K-Series Limited Slip Differential-A1
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Wavetrac K-Series Limited Slip Differential
Part Number: 60.309.190WK

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 7 Reviews
$795.50 & Free Shipping

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Product Details

Part Number: 60.309.190WK
Transmission: Manual
Brand: Wavetrac

  • Innovative: Patent pending Wavetrac design automatically improves grip in low traction conditions. This feature is truly innovative and unlike any other torque biasing diff design.
  • Superior Materials: 9310 steel gears run in case-hardened billet steel bodies. ARP fasteners used throughout.
  • Maintenance Free: As supplied new, the Wavetrac differential will perform a lifetime of service without maintenance or rebuilds.
  • Customizable: If desired, you can alter the diff's behavior to suit your needs using optional components. 
  • Limited LIFETIME Warranty: All Wavetrac differentials include a transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

To best understand how the Wavetrac is truly different from the other gear differentials on the market, you first have to understand the primary problem that the Wavetrac solves.

The problem: Loss of drive during zero or near-zero axle-load conditions.
Zero axle-load is a condition that occurs during normal driving, but creates the most noticeable problems when driving in extreme conditions. Zero or near-zero axle-load is the condition that exists when there is 'no-load' applied through the drivetrain, when one drive wheel is nearly or completely lifted (often in aggressive cornering). It also occurs during the transition from engine driving a vehicle to engine braking and back, even with both drive wheels firmly on the ground.

Here's how that loss of drive hurts you:
1) If you lift a wheel, all gear diffs except Wavetrac, will NOT power the other wheel.
2) During the transition from accel to decel, all gear diffs except Wavetrac, do nothing.

Why does this happen?
All gear LSDs (including Torsen, Truetrac, Quaife, Peloquin, OBX, etc.) work in basically the same manner: they divide the drive torque between the two axles, applying drive to each side, up to the available grip of each tire. The amount of drive torque one wheel can get over the other is described as the bias ratio, a measure of the torque split across the axle.
Standard, open differentials have a bias ratio of 1:1. They can only apply as much drive torque as there is available traction at one wheel. When one wheel loses grip, the total available drive is lost as well (at a 1:1 ratio). All your power goes out the slipping wheel - along the path of least resistance.

Torque biasing differentials offer increased bias ratios over open differentials. For example, if a diff has a bias ratio of 2.5:1, then it can apply drive torque to the wheel with the most traction (gripping wheel) at 2.5 times the traction limit of the wheel with the least traction (slipping wheel). This is a significant improvement over an open diff most of the time. The problem is that when one tire has LITTLE or NO grip (zero axle-load), the other wheel gets ZERO DRIVE, because (basic math here): 2.5 x 0 = 0.

Lift a wheel (or substantially unload a wheel) and you get zero axle-load on that side - that means that during the time the wheel is unloaded, the typical diff will NOT power the wheel that's still on the ground. No matter how high the bias ratio, you get no power to the ground.

During the transition from accel to decel, where you have near zero torque on the axle, even if the wheels are on the ground, the typical diff is unable to begin applying drive torque until AFTER the zero torque condition is over. While this condition is generally short-lived, the fact that most diffs can do nothing during that time means that there will be a delay once the zero torque condition stops - creating a reaction time in the driveline.

Due to the manufacturer's price control policy, this item may be excluded from promotions and discounts

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects.

Vehicle Fitment

Acura RSX
2002 Acura RSX Base Manual
2003 Acura RSX Base Manual
2004 Acura RSX Base Manual
2005 Acura RSX Base Manual
2006 Acura RSX Base Manual
2002 Acura RSX Type-S Manual
2003 Acura RSX Type-S Manual
2004 Acura RSX Type-S Manual
2005 Acura RSX Type-S Manual
2006 Acura RSX Type-S Manual
Acura TSX
2004 Acura TSX Base Manual
2005 Acura TSX Base Manual
2006 Acura TSX Base Manual
2007 Acura TSX Base Manual
2008 Acura TSX Base Manual
Honda Accord
2003 Honda Accord DX Manual
2004 Honda Accord DX Manual
2005 Honda Accord DX Manual
2003 Honda Accord EX Manual
2004 Honda Accord EX Manual
2005 Honda Accord EX Manual
2006 Honda Accord EX Manual
2007 Honda Accord EX-L Manual
2003 Honda Accord LX Manual
2005 Honda Accord LX Manual
2006 Honda Accord LX Manual
2006 Honda Accord LX Special Edition Manual
2005 Honda Accord SE Manual
2007 Honda Accord Special Edition Manual
2006 Honda Accord Value Package Manual
2007 Honda Accord Value Package Manual
Honda CR-V
2002 Honda CR-V EX Manual
2003 Honda CR-V EX Manual
2004 Honda CR-V EX Manual
2005 Honda CR-V EX Manual
2006 Honda CR-V EX Manual
2002 Honda CR-V LX Manual
2003 Honda CR-V LX Manual
2004 Honda CR-V LX Manual
2005 Honda CR-V LX Manual
2006 Honda CR-V LX Manual
2005 Honda CR-V SE Manual
2006 Honda CR-V SE Manual
Honda Civic
2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si Manual
2002 Honda Civic Si Manual
2003 Honda Civic Si Manual
2004 Honda Civic Si Manual
2005 Honda Civic Si Manual
2006 Honda Civic Si Manual
2007 Honda Civic Si Manual
2008 Honda Civic Si Manual
2009 Honda Civic Si Manual
2010 Honda Civic Si Manual
2011 Honda Civic Si Manual
Honda Element
2003 Honda Element DX Manual
2004 Honda Element DX Manual
2003 Honda Element EX Manual
2004 Honda Element EX Manual
2005 Honda Element EX Manual
2006 Honda Element EX Manual
2007 Honda Element EX Manual
2008 Honda Element EX Manual
2009 Honda Element EX Manual
2010 Honda Element EX Manual
2011 Honda Element EX Manual
2004 Honda Element LX Manual
2005 Honda Element LX Manual
2006 Honda Element LX Manual
2007 Honda Element LX Manual
2008 Honda Element LX Manual
2009 Honda Element LX Manual
2010 Honda Element LX Manual
2011 Honda Element LX Manual
2007 Honda Element SC Manual
2008 Honda Element SC Manual
2009 Honda Element SC Manual
2010 Honda Element SC Manual

Engine Fitment

Honda 2.4L/2354CC - 4 Cylinder (K24A8)
Honda 2.0L/1998CC - 4 Cylinder (K20Z1)
Honda 2.0L/1998CC - 4 Cylinder (K20Z3)
Honda 2.4L/2354CC - 4 Cylinder (K24A2)
Honda 2.4L/2354CC - 4 Cylinder (K24A2)
Honda 2.0L/1998CC - 4 Cylinder (K20A2)
Honda 2.4L/2354CC - 4 Cylinder (K24A1)
Honda 2.0L/1998CC - 4 Cylinder (K20A3)
Honda 2.4L/2354CC - 4 Cylinder (K24A4)

7 Reviews ★★★★★ ★★★★★

★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5.00 Stars out of 7 Reviews
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5 Most Recent Read All 7 Reviews
Absolutely amazing having LSD
Rob Blickenstaff | November 17th, 2021
This LSD woke my car up. It pulls harder from a dead stop, and handles very direct thru turns. I wish the RSX came with LSD
best upgrade I had ever done
michael soto | September 20th, 2021
This diff is a night and day difference from stock to now a LSD. you can hear it when letting off the throttle and the grip it provides in the corners are second to none. Worth every single penny they are asking for.
Christopher Viera | April 6th, 2020
Great product
Very Pleased
Karl Schoenefeld | November 14th, 2015
I have a steep asphalt driveway. This time of year we have a lot of leaves from our trees. Traction has always been an issue, but with the Wavetrac -- no problem! Looking forward to snow? Well, I wouldn't go that far!
Jaime Marron | December 12th, 2013
Amazingly huge difference. Car is a lot more solid turning high speed. Also feel the difference at launch and engine braking. Great quality at an awesome price.
Read All 7 Reviews