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Returns and Exchanges

Free Shipping Over $199.99

Free Shipping Over $199.99

Orders of $199.99 or more ship free within the continental U.S.

Shipping Policy

Received Damaged Merchandise

If you receive damaged merchandise please email the following information to service@kseriesparts.com:

  1. Order Number
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Picture showing the damage to the merchandise
  4. Picture showing any damage to the shipping box

Received Incorrect Merchandise

Although it isn't very common, mistakes do happen. It is possible that the picture on the website is different from the merchandise that you received. It doesn't mean that the merchandise is incorrect just some images that we use may be for reference only.

If you did receive the wrong merchandise then we will provide you with a call tag to send it back to us free of charge. Once we receive the merchandise and confirm that the merchandise that you received is what was returned we will ship you out a replacement.

If you feel you received incorrect merchandise, please email the following information to service@kseriesparts.com:

  1. Order Number
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Picture showing incorrect merchandise
  4. Picture of the part number of the box the merchandise came in
  5. Reason why you believe that it is incorrect


If you need to cancel an order or merchandise off an order, please email the following information to service@kseriesparts.com:

  1. Order Number
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Merchandise you want to cancel
  4. Reason for cancellation


Club RSX, Inc. will accept any unused merchandise in brand new condition up to 30 days from purchase.

Returns that arrive within 14 days of purchase are eligible for a refund or exchange/gift certificate. Returns that arrive 14 days after purchase and before 30 days are eligible for exchange/gift certificate only.

Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Additional shipping can be reduced from the refund if merchandise is sent to the incorrect address. We provide full instructions on where to send merchandise and this must be followed.


Any merchandise that, in our opinion, has been installed, attempted to be installed, used, handled, packaged or shipped improperly.

Merchandise that has a broken seal or sticker that is cut to open the box or packaging.

ECU tuners or engine parts that do not have a seal.

Merchandise that comes in sealed plastic packaging that has been torn and not resealable.

Gift cards and any other electronic documents.

Merchandise marked as final sale, special order, overstock, or open box.


Certain merchandise does carry an additional restocking fee based upon supplier.

If non-returnable merchandise is received we may refund minus a restocking fee instead of returning the merchandise back to you. This restocking fee is to allow us to sell the merchandise at fair market value based upon the condition that it was received.

If a restock fee is applied it may also limit your refund options as store credit only.


Merchandise is only covered by the manufacturer warranty and Club RSX, Inc. will provide any and all assistance with claims.


Club RSX, Inc. has the right to refuse any return, exchange or warranty claim if, in our opinion, the merchandise was used, handled, packaged, or shipped improperly by the customer. If non-returnable merchandise is received it will be returned at your expense or destroyed.

Request a Return or Exchange

Once you receive your merchandise, please email the following information to returns@kseriesparts.com:

  1. Order number
  2. The merchandise you wish to return
  3. The reason for return
  4. If you would like a refund or exchange