K20/K24 Hybrid Parts List

Here is the list of Honda OEM parts that we have found that you need in order to do a K24 swap into your 02-06 Acura RSX or 02-05 Honda Civic Si. You only need to get one of each part, we are showing all the part numbers that have found that fit. If you have part numbers to add or something we have missed, please email chris@kseriesparts.com and we will get it verified and added.
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Part Name Honda/Acura Part Number
K24 Timing Chain Case 11410-PPA-000
K24 Timing Chain 14401-PPA-004
Timing Chain Guide - Tensioner Side 14520-RAA-A01
Timing Chain Guide 14530-RZA-A01
Engine Mount Bracket 11910-PPA-000
Flywheel Inspection Cover 21351-PNA-000
Recommended Upgrades
Timing Chain Tensioner 14510-PRB-A01