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Thermal 02-06 RSX Type-S 3" Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust Reviews

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.25/5.00 Stars out of 8 Reviews
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Great exhaust
Brandon Lauter | June 12th, 2018
This exhaust sounds fantastic. Much more refined, deep tone compared to other competitors. While I do agree it hangs low people must remember that this is a 3 inch exhaust. That’s much bigger over stock. The only thing you need to do is modify your driving habits as you should do in any lowered car. Doesn’t deserve a bad review just because of that.
Wouldn't recommend
Ellie T | July 19th, 2017
First the packaging of the exhaust is just a plain box. There is no type of instructions, stickers, designs, and not even the company name anywhere but on the tip of the exhaust. This exhaust system is poorly designed and hangs ridiculously slow. It's the whole exhaust that sits low too. Installation was a pain for the bolts at the end of the exhaust system due to the company making the hanger sit right next to the bolt and you can't get to it without being a little creative. Wouldn't recommend to any RSX unless you stay stock height if that or want to drag an exhaust everywhere you go...which will lead to a hole and say bye to $600.
So shiny
Douglas Foster | April 30th, 2012
Install was fairly simple and straightforward. Sound is great if not alittle too loud(with headers). I gave it 4 stars because the exhaust hangs rediculously low. So much that I may not make it out of my driveway or over any speed bumps...ever. Hopefully that's something thermal R&D will fix in the future
Awesome Exhaust system!
Kenn | September 11th, 2011
I love my new Thermal Exhaust system, my car pulls harder than it did before. Its like the motor found 20 more hp! It sounds sick too! The only problem that I have with it is that it hangs really low, so ground clearance is an issue, especially going over speed bumps and my car is already low. Other than that im absolutely happy and satisfied with this product. If u are thinking about upgrading to a 3in exhaust, this is the one to get, installation was a breeze and everything fit perfect. I highly recommend this exhaust system to all my fellow Dc5 owners, u wont regret it!
Works great on N/A applications too...
Lawrence Jones | May 14th, 2011
unlike what many people seem to think. I didn't lose any power from going bigger, instead I gained all the way around. I have it connected to a PLM header. So the first day I have it on all of a sudden I notice a lot of people wanna race. lol My students came up to me in the morning telling me they heard me on the way to school and that my exhaust sounded like pure sex. There were about six gathered around my car after school checking it out. I think it's nice and quiet with a deep sexy rumble to it until WOT then it sounds like an airplane taking a dive. Loud as hell. lol I love it. So do the cops. The only concern that I have is that it hangs a little lower than the car itself making scraping over speed bumps an issue as well as the shitty roads we have here in Chicago. To me the exhaust is fabulous.
Great product!!
Richard francis | April 23rd, 2010
Sounds great. You can't beat this product
STL05RSX-S | September 10th, 2008
I've put on a few different exhausts on different cars/trucks and almost always ran into a problem. With this, I had the car on the lift, old exhaust off, Thermal exhaust on and back on the ground running in like 30 minutes. Everything lined up great! The tip is only a little bigger than stock, so you keep a nice low profile with it. I've got the silencer still in it, but it just has a nice little rumble to it. The box it comes in is pretty big by the way, but that's only because Thermal did a nice job of protecting the pipes with foam for shipping. Couldn't be happier that I got this exhaust.
jmtweer | May 5th, 2008
This exhaust is awsome, I love it. The only thing is the begining of the exhaust is 2.5" and needs to be cut off and made into 3". Also there is a silencer in the muffler that needs to be taken out, its apparently only on the RSX version of the exhaust. Sounds awsome!