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DeatschWerks 02-06 RSX / 01-05 Civic 265 LPH Fuel Pump Reviews

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.83/5.00 Stars out of 6 Reviews
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Quiet as stock, no issues
Christian | January 4th, 2021
Had my mechanic install this with stock injectors on my K24A swapped 2002 RSX Base 5 speed. Zero fitment issues. Make sure you purchase a submersible fuel line before installing. Needs to be submersible specific otherwise the outside of the fuel line will deteriorate. No louder than the stock pump. Will review again once I install bigger fuel injectors and go E85.
works great
itr dc5 | July 28th, 2015
Install was fit. Cant hear the pump over the exhaust noise, if going to replace pump you should also replace the filter with a new one two birds one stone, new denso cost 15 bucks, couldnt be happier.
Great pump!!!
MattC | July 11th, 2015
Very easy to install, it comes with 2 new Orings that are slightly smaller than OEM so make sure to use those. It is just as loud as OEM to.
Kseriesparts FTW
Based God | May 16th, 2015
I've installed a couple walbro pumps and I will never do that again after installing one of these pumps. Been running this pump in my car for about 2 years and its still running fine. Can't really comment on pump sound because car is gutted with straight pipe haha. But this pump has seen pump and e85 on multiple occasions and its still running like the day i brought it. Install was cake and took no longer than 30 min to install.
Definitely better than Walbro
Dustin | July 19th, 2012
Really happy with this fuel pump, but the one thing I noticed when I installed it was the little nub that goes through the plastic case is smaller than OEM, so I couldn't use the OEM lock ring thing. I guess its not absolutely necessary, but still the assurance would've been nice. Definitely easier to deal with than the Walbro
Great pump!
joshb_ | March 6th, 2012
This pump is just about as loud as the factory pump and could not be easier to install. Took me under a hour to put in and it came with the necessary o-rings for install.