Hondata 00-05 S2000 Kpro (Version 4)
Part Number: HD-KPRO-S2000

Hondata 00-05 S2000 Kpro (Version 4)
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    This is a specially adapted ECU which allows the 2000-2005 S2000 to run from a RSX ECU. The engine crank and cam sensors must be changed to equivalent 2006-2007 parts - see below.

    The S2000 KPro includes a new or user supplied RSX (PRB) ECU adapted for the S2000, and a wiring harness for the crank and cam sensors. It does not include the Honda parts - see mechanical modifications below. All user supplied ECUs must be PRB A01-A12 and in perfect working order. We will not use any other ECUs for the S2000.

    Mechanical modifications

    The following items must be replaced before the S2000 K-Pro can be used. These parts are not supplied by Hondata and should be purchased from a Honda dealer.

    • Crank sensor 37500-PZX-003
    • Crank wheel 13622-PCX-013
    • TDC sensor 37510-PZX-003
    • TDC wheel 14112-PCX-003
    • Valve cover 12310-PCX-020
    • Drain plug washer (for PCV valve) 94109-14000
    • PCV valve 17130-PCX-003
    • IAT sensor 37880-P05-A00 (not required, but stock IAT will read about 30 degrees hotter)

    The approximate cost of these parts is $300-375.

     Swapping the parts is relatively straight forward. Refer to the Helm manual for more information, but in brief you will need to:


    • Remove and replace the crank sensor in the timing cover, and reinstall the timing cover.
    • Remove old wiring to crank sensor.
    • Install wiring harness from crank sensor to ECU.
    • Reinstall water pump pulley and accessory belt.
    • Remove the valve cover.
    • Remove and replace the TDC sensor wheel (exhaust cam).
    • Install the new TDC sensor and PCV valve in the new timing cover, and install the new valve cover.
    • Remove S2000 ECU. Install the wiring harness through the firewall underneath the clutch master cylinder. If you have cut the wiring rubber boot, seal it with silicone sealer.
    • Install the RSX ECU.
    • Remove the accessory belt.
    • Remove the water pump pulley.
    • Remove the crank pulley.
    • Remove the front timing cover.
    • Remove and replace the crank timing wheel.


    Brand: Hondata
    Part Number: HD-KPRO-S2000
    CARB Approved: No
    Hondata: K-Pro

    Vehicle Fitment

    Honda S2000

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