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Progress 02-06 RSX / 02-03 Civic Si 22mm Rear Sway Bar Reviews

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.91/5.00 Stars out of 22 Reviews
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Come back
Miguel | October 16th, 2020
Its been awhile since progress been out of stock and I kind of gave up waiting. Months past I finally got that amazing PROGRESS plate. If you are thinking of getting one, highly recommend.
Best upgrade for FWD car
Kai | April 5th, 2020
This should be everyone’s first mod on any FWD build. Drastically improved grip in the front of the car and the build quality is amazing. 10/10
Not disappointed
Johnny Gut | April 3rd, 2018
Great mod for your daily driver. My car definitely feels more stable, was an easy install.
big difference
boon her | June 9th, 2015
Easy to install. Love how it looks. Also cornering is pretty good with this. Have to get the front too to get full cornering potential.
Buy new endlinks with bar!
Ryan Kaiser | December 4th, 2012
Definitely has a more solid and planted feel over the stock sway bar. I HIGHLY recommend buying a set of new endlinks with a sway bar. Chances of screwing them up upon removal of stock is very very high even with right tools. Paired with LCA's and tie bar, looks and feels great. Also don't forget to lube up bushing all around including where it touches the stops on the bar itself to prevent squeaking.
Progress sway bar
illest_DC5 | November 9th, 2012
Upgraded from stock sway bar and noticed a big difference in handling. The only negative was that the old end links broke so I ordered some Ingalls and Once I put suspension on it'll really bring it all together
Much Improved Handling
Rich02RsxS | October 31st, 2011
Upgraded from the stock '02 Type-S 19mm sway bar and noticed a huge difference in how the car leans much less while taking corners.
Great product works and fits great
John B | October 3rd, 2011
Did just what its supposed to do. Made the car handle a lot better even with mediocre tires.
Great Suspension Mod
SSgt. Carlson | July 18th, 2010
The installation was a little difficult, just because of the control arms and you might as well buy new end links as well, because you might strip the stock hex key end links.(they're garbage). All in all this is a great suspension mod, after you get a drop, make sure to pick up this sway bar. You immediately notice the increased stiffens in the rear end when cornering. Forget the front strut bar and GRAB A REAR SWAY BAR INSTEAD!
great addition
albert v. | June 1st, 2010
looks great underneath. I can tell the rear stiffened up a lil more but if i could go back i woulda gone with the 24mm one instead. not much difference in performance but i get a lot of compliments on it
Progress Rear Sway Bar is a GREAT Addition
Lester "LesQuik" G | March 2nd, 2010
Installation was not much of a pain. Once I got on the open road, with side winding roads, I felt more comfortable than before. You realize the difference immediately. Driver comfort is increased greatly, can't wait to lower, and install the front sway bar. Worth every penny! Do not overlook this part!
Jamie | November 19th, 2009
great part both for performance and asthetics, only problem was that i needed new endlinks due to my big exhaust. but other than that it was a great purchase
A Must Have for you RSX
Inertrage | November 7th, 2009
I Installed it today WOW its like a whole new car! You dont even feel like you are making a hard turn. If you own an RSX you must order right now!!
pictured bar is upside down!
walk | July 22nd, 2009
The guy in the pictures to the left installed his UPSIDE DOWN! Do not install it like that! The bump on the end should go UP and the middle part should arc UPward! That said, I've had this bar for about 5 years now, very nice except you WILL break your endlinks if you race/auto-x with it. Get some stronger aftermarket endlinks. Also tends to rub on the exhaust (stock), might try a rubber bushing or something there (or a different exhaust).
Progress rear sway
Travis | December 28th, 2008
Great product and its super easy to do yourself. You can really feel the difference between the oem and the progress sway and it looks a lot better than stock too.
Ricky D. | October 18th, 2008
The experience is awesome, i was pretty satisfied that with a lot of help we got this combo on in 45 minuites, we used a lift. As soon as we lowered the car to the ground the rear end felt so stiff and ready. It turned with ease, very noticible compared to my sisters 06 DC5. I love the mod! Buy from ClubRsx!
progress sway bars
charlie | September 13th, 2008
Purchased front and rear progress sway bars. Bars look and handle great. Great for show! I can tell the difference... works great with my suspension set up in my vbp dc5. can take corners great! thanks again! great item!
great bar
peter | August 21st, 2008
it felt great when i put it on, i didnt know it was the sway bar that was making the knocking noises on corners but other from that it stiffened my rear end right up!
works good
Don | July 26th, 2008
I definitely feel the difference. I can take turns around 10-15% faster than i was. Only thing is it rubbed on my Comptech 2.5 inch exhaust, but a rubber heat tube and some clamps around the bar solved that.
progress rear sway car
BULLET | July 23rd, 2008
looks and handles great now, also one of my favorite recent mods
Improve Cornerin' and Better Than my Stock 19mm
Paul | April 29th, 2008
this is probably one my favorite mods, i could definitely feel the difference from the get-go. The car feels more stable especially in hard and fast cornerin', it eliminated most of the understeer.
Fantastic Mod
Ed | April 9th, 2008
I've had the progress sway bar and tie bar for about a month and I must say it is one of my favorite purchases to this date. It really gives that feel of having a rear wheel drive car when installed. Great bang for the buck if you get it from CRSX. The only qualm i have about the product is that it is about 1mm away from the exhaust box. whenever i start the engine, i'll get a 1-2 knocks/bangs. But this happens to a lot of people with an aftermarket sway bar. The pros definitely outweigh the cons though. Buy it with confidence.