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Hondata 05-06 K-Pro Version 4 with Adapter Harness Reviews

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5.00 Stars out of 14 Reviews
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Must Have
Corey Mowery | October 31st, 2017
If your serious about going any further than the basic intake header and exhaust you need k-pro. Get the most out of your existing mods. Easy install and plenty of tutorial videos online for choosing your base map and getting started with kpro.
Kpro v4
Raymond Nicolas | December 2nd, 2016
Installation was way too easy. And initially setting up the kpro was easy with the instructions provided. Got my car tuned remotely from a shop in California and I am in NC. car runs awesome now with the tune!
Works great
Phil | September 7th, 2015
Install took 30 minutes which included changing the O2 sensor and mounting the new ecu. Software installed and ran smoothly. I had an issue registering at first but I was able to get ahold of customer service quickly and found out it was because they were repairing servers. Waited 3 days and now everything runs fine. Great upgrade, easy install, good customer service. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an easy power boost for the money.
Nolan Grieb | February 18th, 2015
Easily the best mod I've had so far! All I have is a Sri and Q300 running the cai base map on my 06 type s. All I can say is wow. Throttle response is better, installation was easy enough, and a great increase in hp and tp.
Worth it.
Michael DiDomizio | June 27th, 2014
By bar the best thing i have done for my car so far. Feels like care runs much better and sounds alot meaner. Very easy to use and install
Best Mod
Joey Ciarlino | June 15th, 2014
Love it! Best mod I've done so far, easy install. Can't say enough. Even though all I have it a CAI and a base tune, I can definitely feel an increase in the butt dyno. Highly recommend.
great upgrade if you:
Allen | December 15th, 2012
Need it. You do gain HP of you have it done on a dyno. It also gives you ability to adjust and upgrade as you ad on. But if you are not going too modify, you can get away with the reflash. K-Series is the only way to go.
The best way to make everything work.
Chase | April 15th, 2010
I think if your even looking at this item you should already know what it does. Works like a champ of course and is so easy to install. Do a little research on tuning yourself, meet someone who understands tuning, or just get it dyno tuned. The best ways to make everything work. Super easy to install, just for fun I had my grandma do it, she's 80 and knocked it out like nobodys buisness. Buy it from CLUB RSX!
K-Pro 4 Life!!!
Mike S. | November 18th, 2009
This is so worth the money, I was a bit hesitant about this because of all that comes this. But it is the best mod for the car that you can get the possibility’s are endless. Install was a snap an there are so many people on board that can help you out. I would recommend this to all who want the best out of there mods!!!
Kpro w/ adapter harness
Loren | June 29th, 2009
This has been the best product I have bought for my car period. 5 Stars. Easy to install also.
Fast service
yuri | April 2nd, 2009
Great companies to deal with..had my KPRO overnighted at no extra charge from Cali to Hawaii! Car feels alot faster now
k pro
Paulo Ramos | December 16th, 2008
this is what you want if you wanna unlished the power of your k20. the only thing that i can say that i don't like about this ecu, is the fact i got my first speeding ticket in over 5 years. doing 140 on 65 mpg. but seriously this is what you want if your looking to benefit for all the bolt on you have put on.
Favorite Mod!
STL05RSX-S | November 3rd, 2008
If you have any thoughts about running serious power then stop thinking and buy this. I have an '05 and its a lot of money to shell out, but well worth it. The capabilities that KPRO has, combined with any mods you have and a good tune just make you fall in love with the car all over again and every time you push the pedal through the floor. As always, CRSX did a great job with the timely shipping.
Austin Drobnica | September 2nd, 2008
Customer service at CRSX is awesome. Going through them to purchase a K-Pro is a very good idea, and a safe one.