PLX Devices Legion 5500mAh Backup Battery

PLX Devices Legion 5500mAh Backup Battery
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    Legion 5,500mAh is a single USB, 1 Amp output, external backup battery for USB powered devices. What sets Legion apart from any other backup battery is the integrated microprocessor and the Organic LED Display. Legion's intelligent algorithms learn how you're using your devices and calculates your energy usage at roughly 500 times/second giving you ultra accurate battery metering. Legion's magnesium alloy core construction and high impact ABS plastic makes it a solid device for any application.

    Legion's high contrast OLED display shows you precisely your exact mAh capacity, battery charge percentage, time to charge/discharge in (day:hours:minutes), battery voltage, current in amps, power in watts, battery condition, number of charge cycles, and the battery's temperature. Navigating through Legion's screens is accomplished from a single button interface. Legion can charge smartphones, mini tablets, cameras, or any other USB powered device which does not require 2 Amps or more of current such as iPads and other large sized tablets.

    Our Silicon Valley California design team has meticulously designed Legion using only premium electronic components. Legion employs many advanced features such as automatic low power sleep mode, automatic wakeup, a double buffering graphics processor for seamless OLED transitions and intelligent battery monitoring algorithms to precisely calculate your battery's condition as it degrades over time. A high temperature protection circuit prevents the lithium batteries from ever being overcharged and over drained. Many other batteries on the market, primarily the ones with unintelligent 4 LED indicator lights, are dependent on the actual voltage of the battery to represent the current state of charge. Legion's intelligent battery metering system is immune to such inaccuracies because it does not use the voltage to determine the current state of charge. A lithium battery's voltage will vary drastically depending on the actual load or power draw from your battery. Legion, employs a current based method of battery metering coupled with PLX Devices' proprietary algorithms making Legion's battery monitoring system supremely accurate down to a single mAh. Legion is patent pending.

  • Charge smartphones, mini tablets, full sized tablets, cameras, and other 2A USB powered devices
  • Integrated computer processor for ultra accurate battery metering
  • High contrast OLED display
  • Magnesium alloy core frame construction
  • High 97% high efficiency DC/DC converter

  • Technical Specs:
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer 5500mAh
  • Charge Output: USB Female A 5.0V Single 1A (5500mAh)
  • Charge Input: Micro USB 5.0V
  • Display: High Contrast OLED 128 x 32 Pixels
  • Human Interface: 1 Push Button
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 80 Deg Celsius
  • Physical Dimensions: 2.45 x 4.32 x 0.45" (6.23 x 10.97 x 1.14cm)
  • Weight: 4.4oz
  • Enclosure: Magnesium, ABS Plastic
  • Intellectual Properties: PLX Proprietary intelligent battery monitoring and metering
  • Power Supply: Processor controlled high efficiency DC/DC Boost with low power sleep
  • Fail Safe: Temperature monitoring, overcharge protection, short circuit and current overdraw protection
  • Meters: Voltage, Current (in/out), Power, Actual Capacity, Charge Status, Temperature, Age, Time to Empty, Time to Charge, Health

  • Includes:
  • Legion Ultimate Power Main Battery Unit
  • USB Male A to Micro USB Retractable Cable
  • User Manual

  • Intelligent OLED Display:
  • Shows the percent charge remaining and the actual capacity remaining in mAh.
  • Shows the amount of time(days:hours:minutes) remaining until Legion becomes empty.
  • Shows the amount of time(days:hours:minutes) remaining until Legion becomes fully charged.
  • Shows the health of your battery. Legion keeps track of your battery's wear and tear.
  • Shows the number of charge cycles, battery age, and battery temperature.
  • Shows the battery's voltage
  • Shows the amount of current being charged or discharged in and out of Legion
  • Shows the amount of power in Watts Legion is currently delivering to your device.
  • Details

    • Part Number: 2580 / 2597
    • Color: Black,White
    • Manufacturer: PLX Devices

    Vehicle Fitment

    • Universal

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