Mishimoto Racing Thermostat

Mishimoto Racing Thermostat
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    The Mishimoto racing thermostat for the 2000-2009 Honda S2000 will promote greater cooling efficiency throughout your engine. The Mishimoto racing thermostat will significantly lower high engine temperature produced by modified and upgraded turbo applications. Once the engine is fully warmed up the Mishimoto racing thermostat will open up at a lower temperature than standard thermostats, also allowing the coolant to flow through the engine sooner thus reducing and maintaining cooler engine temperatures.

    • 97-03 Acura CL 3.0L
    • 91-95 Acura Legend 3.2L
    • 01-13 Acura MDX 3.5L/3.7L
    • 91-05 Acura NSX 3.0L/3.2L
    • 96-13 Acura RL 3.5L/3.7L
    • 96-13 Acura TL 2.5L/3.2L/3.5L/3.7L
    • 10-13 Acura TSX 3.5L
    • 10-13 Acura ZDX 3.7L
    • 95-97 Honda Accord 2.7L
    • 02-13 Honda Accord 3.0L/3.5L
    • 12-13 Honda Crosstour 3.5L
    • 99-13 Honda Odyssey 3.5L
    • 03-13 Honda Pilot 3.5L
    • 96-01 Honda Prelude 2.2L
    • 06-13 Honda Ridgeline 3.5L
    • 00-09 Honda S2000 2.0L/2.2L


    • Part Number: MMTS-S2K-00L
    • Manufacturer: Mishimoto

    Vehicle Fitment

    Acura TSX
    2010 Acura TSX All
    2011 Acura TSX All
    2012 Acura TSX All
    2013 Acura TSX All
    Honda Accord
    1995 Honda Accord Coupe
    1996 Honda Accord Coupe
    1997 Honda Accord Coupe
    1995 Honda Accord Sedan
    1996 Honda Accord Sedan
    1997 Honda Accord Sedan
    2002 Honda Accord Coupe
    2002 Honda Accord Sedan
    2003 Honda Accord Coupe
    2004 Honda Accord Coupe
    2005 Honda Accord Coupe
    2006 Honda Accord Coupe
    2007 Honda Accord Coupe
    2003 Honda Accord Sedan
    2004 Honda Accord Sedan
    2005 Honda Accord Sedan
    2006 Honda Accord Sedan
    2007 Honda Accord Sedan
    2008 Honda Accord Coupe
    2009 Honda Accord Coupe
    2010 Honda Accord Coupe
    2011 Honda Accord Coupe
    2012 Honda Accord Coupe
    2008 Honda Accord Sedan
    2009 Honda Accord Sedan
    2010 Honda Accord Sedan
    2011 Honda Accord Sedan
    2012 Honda Accord Sedan
    2013 Honda Accord Coupe
    2013 Honda Accord Sedan
    Honda Prelude
    1996 Honda Prelude All
    1997 Honda Prelude All
    1998 Honda Prelude All
    1999 Honda Prelude All
    2000 Honda Prelude All
    2001 Honda Prelude All
    Honda S2000
    2000 Honda S2000 All
    2001 Honda S2000 All
    2002 Honda S2000 All
    2003 Honda S2000 All
    2004 Honda S2000 All
    2005 Honda S2000 All
    2006 Honda S2000 All
    2007 Honda S2000 All
    2008 Honda S2000 All
    2009 Honda S2000 All

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