Kelford Stage 2.2 Camshafts

Kelford Stage 2.2 Camshafts
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    This should fit your vehicle as long as you have a k-series engine.


    Kelford's new 179-B2 grind is designed for serious competition engines that require strong midrange power and response without compromise. The staggered primary intake lobes feature more lift & duration than the existing 179-B's to promote intake swirl and achieve more power and torque in the 4,000 to 6,000 rpm range. This approach offers great gains for autocrossers or road track racers that frequently sweep back and forth through the VTEC crossover area of the rev range.


  • Primary Lobes Duration @ .1mm: 280/284

  • Primary Lobes Lift (Net): 11.0mm

  • VTEC Lobe Duration @ .1mm: 310

  • VTEC Lobe Lift (Net): 13.5


  • Primary Lobes Duration @ .1mm: 280

  • Primary Lobes Lift (Net): 9.8mm

  • VTEC Lobe Duration @ .1mm: 302

  • VTEC Lobe Lift (Net): 12.3

  • Details

    • Part Number: 179-B2
    • Cylinder Head: K20A2/K20A/K24A2/K20Z3
    • Engine Block: K20,K24
    • Manufacturer: Kelford

    Vehicle Fitment

    • K-Series Engine

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