Karcepts IACV Block Off Plate: K20A (Euro R Accord) / K24A4 T. Body

Karcepts IACV Block Off Plate: K20A (Euro R Accord) / K24A4 T. Body
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    The Karcepts Idle Air Control Valve Block-Off Plate provides the SOLUTION for eliminating the K-Series IACV on 2002-2006 Acura RSX-S, 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si, and 2003-2005 Honda Accord stock and aftermarket throttle bodies.

    If you need to avoid IACV interference with your radiator, radiator fan, or just want to clean up the engine bay even further, this piece is for you! This block-off plate will also help to solve the issues related to bolting the above mentioned throttle bodies onto intake manifolds that do not have idle air porting provisions (such as the newer RRC and RSP intake manifolds).

    Contrary to what some assume, the K-Series engines run surprisingly well with the elimination of the stock idle air control valve. We've utilized this block-off on many customer vehicles; all with positive feedback, and no negative effects pertaining to drivability or stalling.

    The only requirement for utilizing the Karcepts Idle Air Control Valve Block-Off Plate is that you will need Hondata K-pro (or an equivalent programmable ECU) to disable stock function of the OEM idle air control valve.


    • Part Number: KIA02
    • Manufacturer: Karcepts

    Vehicle Fitment

    • Special Fitment: K20A (Euro R Accord) / K24A4 Throttle Body

    • K-Series Engine
    • This part does not have vehicle specific fitment

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