AEM CDI Short Pencil Single Coil Kit (4 Pack)

AEM CDI Short Pencil Single Coil Kit (4 Pack)
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    The AEM CDI Pencil Coils (when used with an AEM Twin Fire ignition amplifier or aftermarket ignition amplifier) can replace the factory coil-on-plug smart coils, or can be combined with a CDI module, AEM Engine Position Module and a standalone engine management system to convert a vehicle's distributed ignition system to coil on plug. When used with an aftermarket CDI, AEM Pencil Coils can show an increase in spark energy over factory smart coils. These coils are ideal for use in high-boost, high-RPM or high-compression engines. The AEM Pencil Coils are two-wire CDI compatible.

    AEM's CDI Pencil Coils allow you to convert to a coil-on-plug ignition system or replace your smart coils to increase the spark energy delivered into your combustion chamber. If you have a high boost, high RPM or high compression engine, your ignition system may not be powerful enough to produce a full spark. AEM's pencil coils are one of the critical components to provide your engine the spark it needs to produce the most power.

  • Compatible with all standard automotive spark plugs, including threaded tip style
  • Includes coil, connector, connector pins, pin lock, weather seals and dielectric grease
  • Two-wire CDI compatible coil
  • Must be used with CDI Ignition Module
  • Measures 6.8" in total height
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